Thursday, April 21, 2011


I blog over at the Grand Rapids Region Writers Group once a month on the 21st. Today, I'm blogging about how changing scenery can help with writing and creativity.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oops - Bad Blogger

A year and a half between posts is bad. Really bad. I knew it had been a while - but wow. Ooops.

Since then - I've graduated from college - yeah. I work. I write a blog once a month for Grand Rapids Region Writers Group (GRRWG) on the 21st of each month. My Joy is a tween. There are hints of boys. What there hasn't been is a lot of writing. Which is more than a little depressing and slightly disturbing. So, here are my goals:

1. blog every Wednesday
2. 2500 words a week

I know my schedule and right now there isn't enough time to carve out me time, so 2500 words a week means that on breaks or lunches or that odd time here or there, I can write. I will, however, have to go back and read what I've written and look at notes so that I can figure out where I am and where I am going.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School's Out - Almost

I took summer classes this year - Microbiology and American Lit. Both were interesting, but the lit class didn't cover some of the writer's I wanted to cover. Micro was fun - sort of. I have one of those profs who says right in the beginning it's your responsibility to study and learn this, not mine. Which after having professors who have strict attendance policies and do a lot of hand holding, was definitely different.

My friend Simone, sold her book - Finding Love - and it comes out September 7th. Since, I'm waiting to hear from an editor and an agent about Gateway, I started working on a different book - more of a Sci-fi/Space Opera sort of deal - blood, guts, explosions, betrayal, deception, sex, and a happily ever after - it has a way different feel to it - pacing and world wise, so it's been a nice change. With September though, I'll go back to the Gateway books. Need to polish it up and send it out.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Promises and Smart Ass Kids

I can see this happening - (me being a writer and gifted with an imagination - besides it's my blog)

Prof: For today you were to read FBR, one of the most popular books by Caley Greene. Aside from vivid imagery, exciting characters, and three-dimensional cultures, the book is full of symbolism that can be applied to real life.

Kid (back of class out of 60 kids): Bull shit.

Prof: Care to explain your comment?

Kid: sure - your claim of symbolism in FBR is bull shit. FBR is one of Ms. Greene's best books, but there is no symbolism. It is entertaining.

Prof: Entertaining yes, but there is plenty of symbolism present.

Kid: I can back up my claim, can you?

Prof: It is well proven that 21st genre fiction is full of symbolism, and Ms. Greene's books have some of the best examples.

Kid: Bullshit. There is no symbolism. And I quote "There was no symbolism real or otherwise stuck into FBR or any other book. Genre fiction, especially anything I wrote was meant soley as a basis of entertaining and escapism. Anything more than that was picked up by the reader themselves and I am not responsible for that. Nor do I want to be."

Prof: Where did you hear that?

Kid: I asked.

Prof: Who did you ask and when?

Kid: Caley Greene herself, over the weekend. She just about had a fit when she found out I was reading it for class.

Prof: It is well known Ms. Greene stopped making public appearances years ago. So, again, how did you speak with her when she doesn't make appearances.

Kid: Well, duh.

Prof: And you know all this how?

Kid: I was at her birthday party.

Prof: How did you manage that?

Kid: She's my grandma and she'd have been pissed if I wasn't there. I'm not active duty anymore, so I'd better be there. She can be bloody scary.

Prof: she's your -

Grandkids - gotta love 'em. :) lol

Seriously though, this was prompted by a conversation I had with my Sister-in-law's mother, who thinks my books could be on Lifetime Movie Network. I looked at her, laughed and said no, probably not. I don't write literature - anything that would ever be in Oprah's book club because they aren't real-to-life stories of depression and misery where a happy ending is a rarity but extreme personal growth and sacrifice or learning is a requirement. I write genre fiction - science fiction, fantasy, and romance. My only hope is that for the 400 - 500 pages you've invested with me, you've escaped whatever is bogging you down and vanquished whatever bad guys there are to fourth realm of never because you know that with out a doubt at the end of those 400 - 500 pages the good guys will win and there will be a happily-ever-after. Any preaching, soul-searing revalations, or mystical symbolism you've uncovered is completely your own doing, because without a doubt, I didn't put it there. At least not intentially or consiously.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad Timing

Ever have one of those days when you realize that the person you've been talking with and consider one of your greatest friends is the person you love? Maybe not until the end of the world love, because you haven't actually explored that part of anything, but you love him none-the-less. And then you learn he's taken. You have to give him your best wishes for happiness right. He's your friend, he's been hurt before, he deserves to be happy right? Of course, right. And that part doesn't hurt as bad because you really haven't explore the until-end-of-eternity-love that you and Hotstuff could actually have between each other. So you wish him happiness, pray for his safety, and give honest helpful suggestions on things concerning him, the chick he's seeing, and their relationship.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day




Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simply Amazing!

My Joy and I are moving this week, so things are more than a little chaotic. I have found stuff that I'd been looking for and other stuff that I never knew I had. It's amazing how much stuff you can accrue in a matter of a couple of years.

And as we are taking box after box out of the apartment and hauling it to storage, since the new place isn't ready but the lease runs out before hand, I am simply amazed by the sheer number of boxes and amount of stuff we have in this place. My kitchen alone is about the size of a full bath in the average home, but I love to cook, so I found ways to get everything I needed into it.

Now the next part of this of course is the fact that we have unpack everything at the new place and try and find room for it. Yeah. The fun never ends. :) Actually, I don't mind moving. I just prefer a bit smoother transition.